'Model free' Vogue a step in the right direction, says Be Real

Posted on Nov 13, 2016

Be Real welcomes the first ever 'model free' edition of Vogue but says there is still more to be done.

Denise Hatton, CEO of YMCA England, a founding partner of the Be Real Campaign for body confidence, said: “Be Real welcomes the decision by Vogue to create a ‘model free’ edition of its magazine with imagery that more accurately reflects what women really look like.

“The Be Real Campaign is fighting for a greater diversity of body types to be shown within fashion, media and advertising and this is a positive example of good work that is being done in the sector.

“It is, however, only a small step towards creating a culture in which diversity is actively and consistently promoted. That is why we are launching the Be Real Body Image Code later this year that asks all industries to reflect the true diversity of the UK population by showing people of all shapes and sizes, skin tones, genders, ages, ethnicities, disfigurements, abilities and disabilities.

“Only when the images we see in magazines and across the industry reflect what we truly look like will we finally be able to feel more body confident, leading to a healthier and happier nation.”