Be Real comments on the 'mermaid thighs' craze

Posted on Aug 31, 2016

The 'mermaid thighs' social media craze is a growing online revolt against the trend for what some commentators have called dangerously skinny legs. Be Real responds...

Denise Hatton, Chief Executive of YMCA England, a founding partner of the Be Real Campaign for better body confidence, said: “The Mermaid Thighs campaign is a positive example of how better body confidence can be promoted by peers through social media.

“Our research has shown that one third of young people has experienced some form of cyber-bullying while 42% of girls and young women have told us that the most negative part of being female is the pressure to look attractive.

“What is important is that this campaign promotes body positivity for everyone and helps to better reflect the diverse range of body types in the population.

“We can then all feel more confident about who we are, which will lead to a healthier attitude to our bodies and a society that values health above appearance.”