Last night I felt like a Goddess

Posted on Jun 09, 2016

Be Real's guest blogger and supporter Cheresa Dawkins attended our newest ambassador Mel Well's book launch earlier this week.

On the 7th of June a revolution began, Mel Wells released a book into the world that will provide a new way of thinking about our bodies. And lucky old me got a chance to see the book launch in action! With prosecco, green juice, happy vibes and even face paint involved, it was truly a night to remember.

Cheresa at The Goddess Revolution launch


So a bit about the author

As well as being an intelligent,  headstrong woman, Mel is also on a mission. She wants us all to imagine how much we would fall in love with our life again if we were not so consumed by negative thoughts about food, weight and our bodies, instead, we should feel happier and freer around food than ever before. This ties in perfectly to the aspirations of the Be Real Campaign, which is why she is an ambassador!


Mel Wells at The Goddess Revolution launch

And a bit about the book 

The Goddess Revolution is just another step towards Mel’s mission; it is filled with tips and tools on how to take control over your own life and how you feel about your body. With rave reviews from various publications like Women's Health, OK! and many more, it is definitely taking the nation by storm.