Our Ambassador to the United States

Posted on Mar 04, 2016

Source: chubstr.com/entertainment/charley-koontzs-style-renaissance/

As well as starring in hit TV show CSI: Cyber, Charley Koontz is the Be Real Ambassador that took our campaign global. As our first US Ambassador Charley has been working hard to get our Be Real Campaign message across the states.

Charley Koontz as our first US Ambassador has been an amazing job at spreading our Be Real Campaign message. We thought we would share a few highlights from Charley to keep everyone updated on the great work our Ambassador is doing!

In October, Charley discussed the Be Real Campaign in an interview with Chubstr where he said "It’s okay to see that body type out there, but it’s not okay to let that change the perception you have of yourself, or to let that affect your emotional state of mind when you’re living your day to day life." 

In December, Charley was interviewed by The Chat on First Coast News where he spoke about the importance of people and society focusing on health above appearance. It was a great watch and you can catch up on all that Charley shared here.

Last month there was a brilliant feature in the Huffington Post about Charley, where he again spoke about the Be Real Campaign. He said "It's about being comfortable in the skin that you're in. A thin or skinny body isn't always a healthy thing - society has always pivoted to the point that thinner is better, that's not always the case." 

We’re looking forward to seeing where Charley which take the campaign next and if you would like to learn more about the Be Real Campaign and how you can get involved please contact us.