PSHE Association launches guidance on teaching about body image in schools

Posted on Mar 27, 2015

The PSHE Association has launched new practical guidance for teachers about the safe and confident teaching of body image in schools, as part of the PSHE curriculum.

The guidance document has been produced in response to increasing concerns linked to body image, expressed by children, young people, parents and teachers.

It will enable schools to promote positive body image with pupils by supporting teachers to develop their own teaching materials or to adapt existing high quality resources for use in the classroom, a range of which are recommended in the guidance.

Suitable for Key Stages 1-5, the resource includes sections on establishing ground rules for a supportive learning environment, using visitors in the classroom and addressing the needs of vulnerable pupils.

PSHE Association Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Advisor Dr Pooky Knightsmith said:

“The PSHE curriculum has a valuable role to play in helping young people to improve their personal resilience to body image pressures, and in doing so to become more confident and effective learners. This guidance offers teachers practical advice on how to do so safely and confidently.

“In putting this guidance together, we drew upon the advice of over 350 teachers as well as focus groups of experts and young people. We are extremely grateful to them for their help in supporting the development of this project.”

This guidance was developed by the PSHE Association and funded by the Government Equalities Office.