Free Dove Self-Esteem Workshops for Schools

Posted on Apr 08, 2015

Workshop on Body Confidence for pupils aged 11 to 14

Dove understands that the first steps in improving young people's self-esteem often start in school. The Dove Self-Esteem Project provides a range of free teaching resources and workshops for teachers working with girls and boys in an educational setting.

Building on the guidance and expertise provided by the Dove Self Esteem Project Global Advisory Board, we have worked with teachers and students in schools across the UK to determine to the most effective way to teach, learn about and raise self-esteem and body confidence. The result is a set of curriculum-related resources for 11-14 year olds and a face-to-face pupil or teacher workshop delivered through our charity partner BEAT.

Free and curriculum-relevant

Everything we offer to schools is free and curriculum-relevant. In England, we have worked with the PSHE Association achieving their Quality Assurance Mark. In Scotland the workshop and resources have close links to the Health and well-being area of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Evidence based materials that make a real difference

Our aim is to help students gain skills and confidence to be the best version of themselves and achieve their full potential in life. We are also confident that our programmes work: students who participate in the Dove school workshops for body confidence have improved body image, greater body appreciation, higher self-esteem, and feel more confident to participate in social and academic activities2.

See for yourselves how these resources can help your students:

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