The Ugly Little Girl

Posted on Oct 21, 2014

The Ugly Little Girl is a book trilogy written by Elizabeth Kesses.


This is a tale of an ugly little girl who, like so many feels different from everyone else. She has sticky out teeth, frizzy hair and really uncool clothes. She is picked on at school, teased by her perfect elder sister and thinks she is just horrid. Till one night she discovers a magical night school called Oddbods where misfits like her go in their pajamas.


The Ugly Little Girl is meant to be a friend to anyone who lacks confidence, young or old. We are all more beautiful than we think we are.
We are living in an age of image-obsession, of ‎the Selfie, of cyberbullying and anorexia. 2014 is the year of Self-Esteem and this story is to help everyone believe in themselves‎.