Low body confidence can affect anyone. If you work with or for people who may be vulnerable to the affects of low body confidence, Be Real can help you to help them.

Why get involved?

One in four people have body confidence issues and we also know that low body confidence can affect children as young as five so it's vital that we start tackling it from an early age. 

For many people, conflicting messages and information can get in the way of building body confidence. By getting real facts and information and challenging myths, you can make a difference.

Practical things you can do

Be Real through your work 

The most important thing you can do to support Be Real is to promote body confidence through your work. We have gathered information and resources that can help. Get help and resources for health, education and social care professionals

Ensure that guidance about how you communicate with people you work with supports body confidence:

  • Use positive and inspiring language to encourage people to be body confident 
  • Use messages that prioritise general wellbeing over just appearance and weight 
  • Encourage people to have realistic and healthy aspirations

Spread the word
One of the easiest and best ways to support Be Real is to talk about it. Join the conversation on Twitter visit our Facebook page or download and share our resources

Be a positive role model 

You can affect the way people you work with think about their bodies. If you have responsibility for the care of others, ensure you set a positive example and encourage body confidence by using positive and avoiding negative language about your own body image or that of others.


Find out how to also get involved if you are an Individual or a Business and organisation