Meet the Be Real Superdrug Ambassadors

Posted on Feb 26, 2016

Lets us introduce to you the Be Real Superdrug Body Confidence ambassadors!

Be Real sponsor Superdrug recognises that it is their job as a responsible health and beauty retailer work on helping towards the issues outlined by Be Real such as; understanding that low self-esteem and body confidence issues effects everybody from all ages, sexes and races, the campaign aims to make a real change by focusing on three areas: education, health and diversity. 

Superdrug is going to help tackle these critical issuesby projecting positive messaging and addressing health concerns to help people feel confident within them.

Gemma Mason, Head of Customer Experience: ‘Making our consumers feel great and confident about themselves is at the heart of our company. Body confidence is something we as a company feel strongly about, so it was only natural that we partnered with Be Real for the second year running.  This year, we wanted our involvement to be bigger and better. Be Real is not just a one off campaign for us, it is something that we aim into tie to all aspects of our business’.

To kick off the campaign Superdrug launched an internal competition for colleagues to win the chance to be part of the campaign. 

Watch the video above to be introduced to the Be Real Superdrug Body Confidence ambassadors from our Superdrug stores. Follow the chosen employees at the Be Real photo-shoot, as they share their favourite look to best buys behind the scenes!

If you would like to learn more about the Be Real Campaign and how you can get involved please contacts us.

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