Be Beautiful and Be Yourself

Posted on Jan 22, 2016

Our guest blog today is by Michael Moorcroft, a male model in London who has been speaking to us about all things Be Real on twitter recently.

My name is Michael. I’m 6ft3” and I weigh 76kg meaning I’m tall and thin. Throughout primary school I was badly bullied and I used to be called anorexic by my fellow students because of how I looked and in particular how thin my wrists are. It made me very aware of my weight and for a long time it often made me feel miserable and worthless that I wasn’t bulkier.  Don’t worry though, this isn’t a sob story. This is a story about how to overcome that and move on – how to become body confident.

I have always been made to believe that men shouldn’t have small wrists. That men should always be seen as looking strong. These are a couple of perceptions reinstated by our media driven world. Well I have decided to redefine what it means to me to be a man. Yes strength does play a part but for me strength is more focused on mental strength - the ability to endure life when others would crumble. Strength is found within and cannot (and should not) be judged externally. My genetics have dictated that I will never have a large frame. However, while painful to admit it is the inevitable truth and to deny the truth is to deny reality and that just leads us down the rabbit hole of life. Instead, I’ve focused on what I do have and made it stronger.  I have learnt to endure, to adapt and to survive. I also look after my body, I may be skinny but through exercise and focusing on health.

I have learnt that you’ve really got to be honest with yourself, you have to see what you have to work with, rather than constantly finding your own faults. I have taught myself that it is vital to create my own strength from within myself. I have realised that what we all need is to accept who we are because it isn’t possible, or necessary to change this. Indeed, this has been the difficult part, being truly and whole-heartedly honest with you. It took a long time for me to realise my thin wrists are a part of me, a functional part that connects my arms to my hands but not a definition of who I am. This realisation, this change in outlook was a big turning point in my ability to understand my body issues and become body confident.

When people try to put me down based on my appearance I laugh and think how shallow this person is. They don’t know me and what I’m capable of at all. I step back and get some perspective. Why am Iallowing this person to affect me like this?Who are they and what power do they have? It’s a long life to live hating yourself and your body so focus on the most important relationship that you can – the one with yourself. Be kind, be understanding and take some time out to figure out who you are.


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