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Posted on Sep 15, 2015

Be Real ambassador Cat Couture attended UKPSFW 2015 last weekend. This blog piece is a chance to catch up with her thoughts on the event and of course, the ever-changing fashion industry.

" Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending UK Plus Size Fashion Week #UKPSFW which I had been really excited about! I myself used to work as a model and I never really understood why models at fashion weeks were one particular size or one particular height. Personally,  I always felt like fashion and especially style is something that exceeds size, and in fact any form of limitation. So I was especially excited to attend UKPSFW and spend an afternoon celebrating fashion without limitation.

What immediately stuck out to me and  instantly filled me with joy was how much the venue had changed from the year before;  gaining so much in prestige and glamour and more beautiful. This in my eyes meant that the event has become increasingly popular and plus size fashion is now more widely celebrated.

UKPSFW with brands such as Eleven60 and boohooPLUS proved that curvy women can enjoy edgy sexy and stunning pieces they can look absolutely stunning in. And may I add that’s exactly what the models did at the UKPSFW: look stunning!


Hayley Hasselhoff in boohooPLUS


When I got home I started looking through other brands to see what kind of variety they offer women and men, Just a few years back I would have only 2 or 3 pairs of trousers and the rest I would have to roll up at the bottom; so you couldn’t tell they were way too short. I’m 5’11 almost 6 foot so finding trousers at an affordable price was simply impossible. I would have to spend hundreds of pounds on a single pair of jeans, just so they had the right length, which to be honest made me feel strange, different and out of place. Today most places have a tall, curvy and a petite section, although they are often still limited it is an area that is no longer being ignored I think this is so great as  when I take a moment to look around, every single person has a different shape, a different height, a different size, so it’s definitely about time that fashion represented all of us.

What is provided to us, what we perceive  as “normal”, is not in fact normal;  in reality it’s only a small percentage of people that fit that criterion. So when we take a look at ourselves and we notice we don’t fit into a box we feel pressure to fit into   there is a feeling of abnormality. It’s so completely refreshing to see more people and brands willing and able to break down those boxes because honestly? Boxes don’t even exist.

It really is time for us all to realise that beauty as we think we know it doesn’t even exist. The only element of beauty which is truly universal and understood across the world and across the ages is a genuine and heart felt smile. So when you radiate love and live love, breathe and surround yourself with love, that’s when you are your most beautiful, because that’s when you feel beautiful and gorgeous on the inside letting it shine on the outside. That’s when you can feel like you can be whoever you want to be.

So here’s to a future with fun, sexy, silly, crazy, elegant, funky, rocky, grungy and classy fashion for everyone, for every shape and size, height and heritage. Because we all deserve to look and feel fabulous on the inside and on the outside, so thank you UKPSFW for bringing us that little bit closer to that goal.


Cat "


Cat Couture



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