People need to learn how to exist within their own bodies

Posted on Sep 02, 2015

Yesterday, the first bareMinerals and Be Real panel event took place - the discussion focused on body confidence uncovered the roots to our body confidence issues, and most importantly how to combat them!

If you missed our panel event, catch up with this engaging debate by watching the youtube video above. Lets us know what you think about #BodyConfidence by tweeting us @BeReal_Campaign.

The panel led by beauty editor Suzanne Duckett included inspirational women such as bareMinerals creator Leslie Blodgett; all agreed it essential to have a conversation for body confidence, so that people can stop hiding and achieve their full potential.

Many areas were covered but there was a focus on the need to celebrate your body for what it is and take the steps away from body shame towards body confidence. Journalist Lesley Thomas added a very important and often ignored point, "Beauty is only one aspect of who we are, let’s not take it too seriously".

The need for women to empower themselves to set their own standards and goals was further elaborated on by Be Real Ambassador Stefanie Reid, "People need to learn how to exist within their own bodies" photographer Clare Park added. With a digital detox suggested as a necessity to gain peace with your body, leading to dialogue on the necessity to be just as a aware of body confidence issues in boys and men - something that is just begining to emerge into the foreground in the media at the moment.

These inspirational women discussing their empowering insights and personal experiences of championing body image in their individual fields and generally the impact of body confidence on society today showed that this is a topic that can not be ignored. Get some top tips on how to be Body Confident from Healthy Magazine and join in with our campaign: share what makes you feel body confident aims to try and empower the nation! 

Clare Park

Stefanie Reid


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