Cat Couture on why we should always be our true self

Posted on Aug 13, 2015

Cat Couture

Cat Couture, electric pop singer and songwriter, is our latest ambassador for the Be Real Campaign. Cat believes that we need to push boundaries and live life to the full. That we should always challenge ourselves, expand our horizons and be our true self.

Cat says:

"I spent too many years of my life worrying about what other people thought of me, my appearance and my body. The day I started acknowledging my body as an amazing tool that carries my awesome personality around, and it's up to me to decorate it however I want and whether I want, that's the day I started turning into a very happy and body confidant young woman. I want to encourage all women and men to feel the same about themselves, and as a Be Real Ambassador, that's exactly what I'm going to do".


It’s recently been brought to my attention that I have hairy arms. Well, I’ve known it all my life really, I’m just that type. My Granddad was from Trinidad and his mom from Venezuela. So I’m mixed race and the more mixed race, mediterranean or Latina you are, the hairier you are. That’s just the way it is.

I have to admit when I was going through puberty I really didn’t like my hairy arms just like I didn’t like lots of things about me. I didn’t like being so tall, I didn’t like being skinny, I didn’t like having naturally frizzy and curly hair, I didn’t like that I had a unibrow, I didn’t like having a caribbean backside and I certainly didn’t like my hairy arms. 

This one girl in my class who was indian at some point decided to shave her arms, but then her arms were really stubby when the hair grew back and waxing was way too expensive and the thought of the pain just didn’t feel worth it. So I decided to try my best to learn to deal with and accept what I have. And I did. I even forgot about it.

It wasn’t till years later when I used to work as a model to support myself while training at film and acting school that my hairy arms got brought to my attention again. A client wanted me to get rid of the hair on my arms for a photo shoot in Cannes. I remember feeling completely violated and felt like my private space was being invaded, it had taken me so long to accept my hairy arms that someone treating it like something that needed to be got rid of just felt like I was somehow incomplete again. 

In general the model business does that too you. It makes you feel like you’re not good enough, because frankly, you never are in a world where the beauty standards are so unrealistic, where not even the models who are in the magazines look like the models in the magazines. 

But this for me was the last straw of a long line of insecurities that were brought upon me due to working in the modelling industry, always having to compete with your portfolio of pictures that have been airbrushed, photoshopped, made you look taller, thinner, longer, always walking into rooms with clients looking at you like a disappointment because you will NEVER match up to the pictures your agency presented them with. So I quit.

But today I really like my arm hair. I pet it. It’s comforting. We consider horses beautiful strong creatures and love stroking them, so sometimes I close my eyes and pet my arms and it almost feels like a beautiful strong horse, which reminds me to think of myself differently. I am just as strong, as powerful, as gracious and beautiful, my body has gotten me through so many struggles, through so many ups and downs, and has never failed me. And if you think that’s weird thats saying more about you than it really says about me. You can pet your arm hair too, it’s nice. 

So if you have hairy arms or any kind of flaw that you feel ever so slightly insecure about, I dare you to EMBRACE IT! Love it! Accept it! And in turn you will learn to love, accept and take care of yourself that little bit more.

Even if you have to stretch your imagination to another perspective like imagining you’re a horse, because at the end of a day beauty is just that: Perspective. 

Give it a go! I dare you.





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