Be Real goes global...

Posted on Jun 26, 2015

Charley Koontz

Charley Koontz, star of the upcoming CSI:Cyber TV series airing on Channel 5 in Autumn, has become the first US ambassador for the Be Real campaign. Charley believes we need to learn to love who we are in order to be powerful and productive.

Charley Says:

"I am so incredibly proud to join the body confidence conversation and movement as the first male US Ambassador for the Be Real Campaign! Be Real sets a positive example for men and women alike, promoting healthy living and overall wellness over solely weight and appearance. I truly believe that on the journey to become our best selves we must first start with how we feel about ourselves. Body confidence is a key component to becoming a powerful and productive person, but sadly, it is sorely lacking in our culture as sixty percent of adults feel negatively about the way they look. I am so excited to join the Be Real Campaign on their journey to promote health, education, and appropriate media representations of how people really look! Let's BE REAL about who we are, learn to love who we are, and get down to the business of living life to the fullest!"


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